Alistair Overeem Over Rothwell Loss, Looking To Fight Again In 2014

After getting KO’d in the beginning of his fight against Ben Rothwell earlier this month, many questioned if Alistair Overeem was the biggest bust in UFC history, and if The Reem’s chin could hold up at heavyweight any longer.

Overeem entered the fight on a win, picking up a decision win over Frank Mir back in February. Prior to that, Overeem was on a two fight skid that saw him drop return bout to the UFC to Antonio Silva in February of 2013, and then lose to Travis Browne in August of 2013.

Despite the recent string of losses, Overeem remains optimistic, and is even looking to fight again in 2014.

He spoke on The MMA Hour:

“I’m good. The fight was not good. That was terrible, a terrible result. I can tell you it’s such a shame, because I was in damn good shape. And that just proves to me it can alter in the heavyweights, one mistake, one blow.”

“I’m disappointed in the result of the fight, but you know I was in a great place and I’m still in a great place. I think I really found myself at Greg Jackson’s. I like the people, and the prep was great. And I know — I just know — that all those months of work that I put in are going to come out. It might not have come out in the fight, or the result wasn’t there, but I know it’s going to come out later. Because I know what I’m doing in the gym…I just know that it’s in the right direction. So again, very unfortunately result.”

“We all knew that Ben has hard hands, that’s how he wins fights. I kicked his arm, and I thought I disabled his arm. I heard a crack, I could see he was hurt, so I didn’t expect him to punch with it, especially not that fast counter-punch. I was maybe expecting him to punch a little bit later, but not that fast, and I didn’t expect it to come from that angle.

“I should have been more guarded, I should have been more careful. We all knew Ben could take a punch, well maybe take a couple of punches, he’s a tough guy. He’s got hard hands. And I just made a mistake.”

Who do you want to see Overeem fight next?

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