Alexis Davis: ‘I definitely think I can stop Ronda’s armbar’

Inside MMA guest host women’s UFC fighter Miesha Tate interviews fellow fighter Alexis Davis about her upcoming title challenge versus UFC Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

“I definitely think I am going to be able to stop the armbar. This is something I train constantly everyday. Obviously she has been training it in Judo for so long but I have been training Mixed Martial Arts for a long time. I train with world champion blackbelts. It is not a problem for me. Blackbelts armbar me everyday. I am not afraid to say that, but I defend them more often than I get them.”

“Having someone mean-mug me across the octagon doesn’t scare me. I had Jessica Eye doing it in my last fight. She [Rousey] is a great fighter and I totally respect her. I don’t know her personally.”

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