Alexander Gustafsson’s Mother Says She Almost KO’d Jones In The Hospital

Alexander Gustafsson’s mother tells the story of how she almost punched Jon Jones in the face after the fight between Gustafsson and Jones in 2013.

“We called Alex several times and was like ‘Where is he? He should be here by now.’ Suddenly, we got a text saying we should come to the emergency room where both Alex and Jones were.

So we took a cab there and the first thing I saw when we got there was Jones, completely scarred and bruised, with his foot in bandages.

I was so pissed off! It was like I could’ve just gone over there and knock him out cold. But the others held me back and told me to calm down.

Finally we found Alex, he was in a hospital bed just pumping with adrenaline. He just laid there, shaking and shivering. He was all bloody because of that elbow he got in the face. Seeing that, I just completely broke down. I threw myself at him and said ‘What are you doing? Are you crazy? What has he done to you?’

You know, maternal instincts. And Alex was like, ‘it’s cool, mom. Take it easy.’

When we left I took the same way back and I saw Jones again. And he looked at me and just nodded his head like this. And I was all black in my eyes. I was so mad I could’ve just as easily punched him then and there. You do everything to protect your child. It doesn’t matter the opponent. You just defend your kid, that’s the instinct.

I didn’t care about if they’d gone a match for the belt. It wasn’t at all in my head at that point.”