Alex Emelianenko’s Wife Says ‘He’s Innocent, Victim Isn’t Trustworthy’

alex em

Alex Emelianenko, brother of Fedor Emelianenko, was sentenced to almost five years for sexual assault and is currently in prison.

Recently his wife, who married him while he was in custody, spoke out about the case and said her husband is innocent…of course she did.

“I did not give to talk with Alexander following the announcement of the verdict, but I think he is in a depressed state. He has all his things there. I’m can to visit him on short-term and long-term visits and to write letters. Thank God it is possible to correspond with the help of the Internet.”

“I was hoping that my husband would get acquitted. I do not doubt for a moment in his innocence, but, apparently, the court found him guilty. I know my husband and I believe him. I have no reason to trust this woman. All charges are based on her testimony, her words only.”


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