Aldo Thinks Barao Needs To Play It Safer In Title Defenses, Expects A 10 Year Title Reign For Renan

“The champion has a lot to lose. The challenger can give everything of himself, he has nothing to lose. If he wins, he will be beating the champion. In the future, I think Renan will think one more time before doing some strikes. There’s a part of him that is more cautious and we are always talking to him about how best to win his fights.

I think Renan will be the champion for eight or ten years. He is going to rule his division for a lot of time. He is a young guy and he knows he can’t be in his comfort zone.”

In a recent interview with the Brazilian Media, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, talked about his Nova Uniao teammate, Renan Barao (pictured).

Barao is the UFC’s bantamweight champion.