Aldo Admits He Thought The Fight Was Over After Late Punches Dropped Mendes


UFC 142: Aldo v Mendes - Press Conference

At the end of the first round, Jose Aldo landed a brutal jab-cross combination after the round ended to drop Mendes. On TV the move looked incredibly dirty, and extremely deliberate, however UFC President Dana White and Jose Aldo both stated neither of them could hear the bell, and insist the blows were not deliberate (Read about that HERE).

Aldo, who didn’t hear the bell, admitted that he thought the bout was over after he dropped Mendes and the referee stepped in.

Aldo spoke at the post-fight press conference.

“When the round was over, I thought the fight was over. When I connected the punches and the referee stepped in, I thought it was over. I was about to run into the crowd, but I’m glad I didn’t [laughs].”

Catch the highlights from the historic featherweight bout HERE.

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