Aguilar-Esparza BEEF! — ‘Sorry You Keep Losing to Better Fighters’


Former World Series of Fighting Champion Jessica Aguilar has left the company to try and move on to bigger and better things… like trying to shut Carla Esparza up in the octagon.

Earlier in May, Carla Esparza not only accused, but stated that she knew for a fact that Aguilar was a performance enhancing drug abuser. She stated, “A friend of mine told me that they personally gave her shots in her butt or whatever. Whatever, girl. You’re not number one. You’ve never been number one, so get over it.”

This week while on “MMA Hour“, Aguilar fired back and tried her best to put Carla Esparza in her place. “I don’t have time for that,” Aguilar said. “Ain’t nobody have time for that. But you know, she can say whatever she wants. My record speaks for itself. And when I say record, I mean my athletic commission record of nothing. There’s nothing but clean results”, Aguilar stated.

“The message to Carla is: be real. Sorry you keep losing to better fighters. How about congratulating somebody? Doing something good? Saying something good about them, versus making excuses and making up negative stories about others? It’s just crazy.”

Now that Aguilar is a free agent in the world of mixed martial arts, would you like to see her face Esparza in the octagon?

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