A Disgusted Bellator Boss Caught Shaking Head When Alvarez Announced Winner In Title Fight

Let’s face it, Bellatar Boss, Bjorn Rebney put a lot of stock in his former lightweight champion, Michael Chandler.

So much so that, the man many people feel is the ‘scummiest’ executive in Mixed Martial Arts, settled out of court with Eddie Alvarez and offered up a contract that many suspect give Eddie freedom from the tyranny of Bellator should he beat Chandler in back-to-back contests.

Prior to last weekend’s failed pay-per-view card, Alvarez and Bellator engaged in a fight outside the cage and in the courtroom for the better part of a year. Had things gone the way of Alvarez, he would have been signed to the world’s leading MMA promotion (The UFC) and on his way to being a well paid, championship contending UFC lightweight.

Instead, the Bellator promotion held on to him through a bitter lawsuit that was not only unjust, but morally rehensible.

One would think that despite failing to deliver as promised come fight night and on the heals of a very boring and lackluster decision heavy card, the Bellator boss would have been happy that his two substitute main event fighters put on a decently contested bout that people are talking about the next day.

Instead, probably bitter, the Bellator boss was caught shaking his head in disgust after the judges announced Alvarez the winner and one step closer to realizing his dream of being a UFC fighter.

Good job Eddie, and poor form Bjorn!

Here is a Gif of Bjorns poor and unprofessional reaction to the judges decision:


This fantastic and amazing gif captured from Bellator’s live television broadcast comes from Zombie Profit.

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