205 Picture — Rumble Wants Bader, Bader Wants Cormier

Anthony Johnson

Man, Jon Jones’ return is really messing with the UFC’s light heavyweight division. It went from having a pretty clear set of top contenders and possible title challengers to now having a bunch top guys who aren’t sure what to do.

Everyone is waiting to see what happens with the former champ, as his UFC suspension has yet to be lifted, but is expected to be. Most people see it playing out the same. Jones will come back and will get an immediate title fight against the current champ Daniel Cormier. That means that the rest of the division will basically have to be pushed down one notch. As in, if Jones didn’t come back the next title shot would probably go to Ryan Bader who’s on a five fight win streak, but since he likely is, Bader will have to wait his turn and possibly take another fight.

So, who should fight who? Well Anthony Johnson has made it clear. In a report on UFC Tonight, Johnson apparently said that if Jones does come back and fights Cormier than he wants to fight Bader.

Bader’s team weren’t ready to accept that challenge and would rather wait to see if anything happens with Jones’ return that would allow Bader to jump in and fight Cormier. When asked if Jones does in fact return and fight for the title, would he be willing to fight ‘Rumble’, Bader’s manager, Dave Martin, said that they would cross that bridge when it comes.

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