Legal Expert Says Diaz Has A Shot At Beating NSAC’s Ridiculous Punishment

According to a legal expert/attorney, UFC fighter Nick Diaz has a very good chance at fighting and beating his five year suspension handed to him by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

In a piece written for the Huffington Post, Amy Dardashtian says outlines how Diaz has a very solid chance of getting his controversial suspension drastically reduced or even thrown out all together.

Dardashtian says that Diaz’s legal team is set to appeal and she thinks they will stand an ‘incredible shot’ of getting the a reduction based on the evidence being “unreliable and contradictory.”

Now he will appeal and he has an incredible shot of getting a reduction. The evidence is unreliable and contradictory. The punishment is totally out of line with the NSAC’s sentencing guidelines.

Another very interesting portion of the piece is how¬†Dardashtian explains just how the NSAC’s punishment really had no basis and was out of compliance with their own policies.

Check it out!

Now let’s move on to cannabis use. The policy says, the ban shall be “eighteen months for a first offense, two years for a second offense and three years for a third offense.” There is no way that the NSAC can adopt specific punishment guidelines and then not follow them. This was Diaz’s third positive test so Diaz will likely have to be banned for no more than three years.

Now, Diaz’s attorney will definitely try to get an even less harsh punishment and he has a good shot at that as well because the evidence is completely unreliable.

Sounds like Diaz has a pretty good shot at beating this thing, thoughts?

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