EXCLUSIVE: TUF 18’s Louis Fisette Talks This Season’s Show, His Weekly BJPENN.COM Blog and More

Louis “Petit Pain” Fisette (6-1 MMA) is one of the youngest talents in MMA’s rich 135-pound division. The 23 year-old Canadian bantamweight standout has reeled off six straight victories, with all six wins coming by form of stoppage.

Fisette, who hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, was most recently seen in action at the “AFC 16 – Uprising” event in March. The “WAMMA” trained fighter, Fisette, required only 94 seconds to secure an armbar on his opponent Brent Fryia, earning himself a first-round submission victory.

Since his victory at AFC 16, a lot has changed for “Petit Pain”,  as he told Chris Taylor of BJPenn.com:

Chris: Hey Louis, it’s great to get a chance to talk with you again. The last time we spoke, you were 5-1 in MMA and coming off a 1st round KO victory on the Canadian circuit. You also mentioned that you had aspirations of trying out for ‘the ultimate fighter’ to better showcase your skills. What has happened in the past 8 months for “Petit Pain?”

Louis: Well after the Diego Wilson bout, I had another big fight at AFC 16 in Winnipeg against Brent Fryia. I was able to defeat Fryia by submission in the first round. Prior to the bout with Fryia, I had heard about the TUF 18 tryouts and had kinda himmed and hawed about it and decided that maybe if I won, I would go try out. After the win I had to scramble, I had a fundraising social put together to raise some money to help me get down to Vegas for the tryouts. I got down there, did what I do best and put on a show. Apparently the big guys liked me, and so it began!

Chris: Great news. How did you find the TUF 18 tryouts. Was there a lot of added pressure?

Louis: Honestly, I put ZERO pressure on myself. I told myself that anything past the first cuts, (grappling) I would be happy with! The further I got, I just kept telling myself “well they’ve seen my face, they know who I am, that’s GREAT in itself.”

Chris: For fans who are unfamiliar with your previous bouts, what can people expect to see watching Louis Fisette fight?

Louis: I’ve always prided myself on having entertaining fast paced fights. When I get in that cage, win or lose, I want people to walk out of the event remembering me. I am a huge fan of MMA and like to watch entertaining fights, so why would I fight a fight, that even I wouldn’t want to watch? At the end of the day, it is show business. I’m a product. If I am not marketable, it doesn’t make sense for the UFC or for myself.

Chris: Great attitude, one which I’m sure UFC executives will praise you for. You train at WAMMA (Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts) in Winnipeg with former TUF competitor and current UFC fighter Roland Delorme. How has he helped in regards to preparing you for life on TUF?

Louis: It was nice to have someone who has gone through the experience to kind of give me a heads up on how things kind of work. I am sure not everything was the same, but at least I was a little bit prepared.

Chris: What can Ultimate Fighter fans expect to see on season 18?

Louis: I think it should be very interesting. Women and men living in the same house, female coaches, I can almost guarantee this season will be like none other before it!

Chris: You are hosting a TUF 18 viewing party and in doing so are raising money for charity in your hometown of Winnipeg correct?

Louis: Yes, I am doing the viewing parties at The Fox and Fiddle in Winnipeg, with a good portion of proceeds going to Pancreatic cancer research! My grandmother and then a training partner of mine both passed away from it, so I thought it would be a nice way to honor them, and finally give back! I have taken and gained so much from this sport, I think it is very important to take time and give something back!

Chris: Very admirable of you. So anyone in the Winnipeg area, make sure you are at the Fox and Fiddle this Wednesday night and support a good cause with Louis! For those who can’t attend and get to hear you talk about the TUF experience, our readers here at bjpenn.com will have the luxury of reading your weekly blog every Thursday. What can readers expect from the blog?

Louis: This is my first ever time blogging, so readers can first off give me feedback and ideas on twitter at @lfisettemma and tell me what they want to know! Other than that, just going to be talking about training that week, how I was feeling, just the behind the scenes ins and outs that you don’t see on the show!

Chris: Awesome, well we look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck this season on the ultimate fighter! Any last words from Petit Pain?

Louis: Well first off, thank you to BJPENN.COM for having me blog on the site, and thank you to all my fans and supporters who will be reading week to week! Also thank you to all my sponsors, friends, family, and most of all my always supportive girlfriend who puts up with my ENDLESS crap! Check out my website louisfisette.com and also my fundraising page for pancreatic cancer http://www.pancreaticcancercanada.ca/site/TR/Events/General?pxfid=2130&fr_id=1060&pg=fund

Be sure to follow Louis Fisette’s weekly TUF 18 blog every Thursday on BJPenn.com! “The Ultimate Fighter Season 18: Tate vs. Rousey” debuts live this Wednesday on FOX Sports 1.


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