13 Year UFC Veteran Frank Mir Hoping For A Few More

“I just took some time off. I kind of felt that maybe I was a little burned out and wasn’t putting everything into the training and the fights. I think the last couple of fights, I was looking more forward to the fight being finished than the fight itself. I just saw the signs of being burnt out and decided to take some time off,” Mir revealed.

“I just turned 35 a couple of weeks ago. As a heavyweight, that’s really not that old. I think I’m still younger than some of them. I think 35 would be a pretty young age to retire. It would just be a long time of me commentating or broadcasting, which I plan on doing, but I’d hope to be able to fight for a few more years because once it’s over with it’s kind of over with.”

“Once I take some time off and heal up and feel good about fighting, I’ll fight anybody. Just jump back in there.”

In a recent talk with FOX Sports, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir explained his desire to keep fighting.

Mir made his UFC debut in 2001, and became UFC champion 3 years later. However, in recent history, the former heavyweight king hasn’t picked up a victory since 2011, suffering defeats in his last four fights.

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