VIDEO | Kimbo Slice vs. Big D – The rise of a superstar

Do you remember the first time you heard the name Kimbo Slice? Perhaps it was his figure, his grill, or maybe his head movement that was burned into your memory first.

Regardless of where you first saw Kevin Ferguson, who is more well known as Kimbo Slice, you will likely never forget the muscled, bearded brawler from Florida, which is why he had so many fans around the world.

Here is Kimbo’s fight that has the Internet buzzing till this day, which lit the fuse that sent him into the stars.

In the backyard fight with “Big D,” Kimbo wrecked his opponents eye, which made the man who was known at the time simply as “Kimbo” into Kimbo Slice. Internet fans helped to brand the man we all have grown to be fascinated with by adding the Slice to his name after seeing what he did to “Big D’s” eye after hitting him with his bare knuckles.

Although Kevin Ferguson has left us at the young age of 42, Kimbo Slice will live forever on the Internet.

Video | Kimbo Slice
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