VIDEO | Kevin Lee Tells ‘Bullsh-t’ Nate Diaz Where The Smoke is At

Kevin Lee

Ever since Nate Diaz dropped the news that he’s returning, lightweights have been hitting Twitter, recording videos, sending smoke signals, anything they can do to get that fight. Former interim lightweight title challenger Kevin Lee has already called him out, but he’s doubled up since then with a video putting the Stockton soldier on blast. It’s not just Nate Diaz on the hit list though, he also went after a former champ.

“Yo, let’s cut the bullsh-t. Nate Diaz really don’t want to fight. I mean, this man got his ass whooped by a 145-pounder. He’s been sittin’ out this long, come back and feel like he got some clout just because the sports writers and all y’all be dick eatin’ him like that.”

“Like, this man don’t want to fight. If he really wanted to fight, he knew who to come back against. If he wanted to do it May, June, next week, whatever, I’m ready for it. Otherwise, what he gonna do? Beat up on Eddie Alvarez when he know Eddie should go ahead and just retire? C’mon, if he really want to fight, he know where the smoke at.” — Kevin Lee in a social media video captured by MMA Digest.  

Man, Kevin Lee just clowned everyone in half of a minute. Like Eddie Alvarez, Lee attempted to call out Nate Diaz on the hypocritical nature of his challenge to the entire division, but he didn’t stop there. He threw some shade at Alvarez himself, staying he should retire. It’s worth noting that Kevin Lee doesn’t have a fight booked. Either Nate Diaz or Alvarez would be big, high profile fights to come back from after his loss against Tony Ferguson. As for Diaz, his return may just be to still wait on Conor McGregor.

This article first appeared on on 1/27/2018.