Michael Bisping slams Jake Paul over his 2022 goals list: “Your goal should be to attain credibility in the fight world, that’s what real fighters crave”

Michael Bisping, Jake Paul

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has slammed Jake Paul over his 2022 goals list.

Earlier this evening Paul (5-0 Boxing) took to social media where he released four personal goals for the upcoming year.

1. Buy Mayweather Promotions and save them from bankruptcy
2. Hire stylist for Floyd Mayweather
3. Take selfie with Oprah
4. Go 2 chiropractor 2 heal back from carrying the sport of boxing

While Michael Bisping was not directly mentioned by ‘The Problem Child’, he decided to share his two cents with the following words of advice.

“Your goal should be to attain credibility in the fight world. That’s what real fighters crave. Currently you have zero.” – Bisping captioned Paul’s post.

Jake Paul returned to the squared circle just two weeks ago for a rematch with Tyron Woodley. The result was a sixth round knockout for Paul, who flattened the former UFC champion with a right hand (see that here).

Michael Bisping, Paul vs. Woodley 2, Knockout
Michael Bisping refutes claims that Paul vs. Woodley 2 was fixed

Despite Paul’s perfect record, current UFC commentator Michael Bisping believes ‘The Problem Child’ needs to face an actual boxer in order to earn any clout amongst the fighting community.

With that said, Jake Paul is apparently targeting a professional boxer for his next fight, but it’s not Tommy Fury as many pundits were expecting. Instead, the YouTube sensation is eyeing a matchup with boxing veteran and former middleweight title holder Julio César Chávez Jr.

If that fight does come to fruition, Paul will have the chance to silence some of his critics. Michael Bisping had previously ripped the ‘Paul vs. Woodley 2’ bout with the following assessment:

“Terrible, an absolutely terrible fight. Unbelievably bad and for all the talk and the opportunity that Tyron had. And look, I’m not here to talk sh*t about Tyron Woodley. I like the guy, I respect the career that he’s had, and I don’t want to say anything that’s gonna make it awkward when I see him because I will see him soon.” Bisping said. “But the reality is it was a f*cking sh*t fight from both men. There was a lot of hugging involved and of course the knockout was good for Jake Paul. Of course that’s what everyone wants to get, but he’s lucky that he got that because I think had that gone to a decision and that was the state of the fight, nobody wants to watch either of them two fight ever f*cking again.”

Do you agree with the recent comments from former UFC champion Michael Bisping regarding boxer Jake Paul?

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