Michael Bisping analyzes UFC 269’s Leon Edwards vs. Jorge Masvidal


Former UFC middleweight champion and current color commentator Michael Bisping analyzed UFC 269’s Leon Edwards vs. Jorge Masvidal fight.

Edwards returns later this year at UFC 269 when he takes on Masvidal in a three-round welterweight bout. According to Edwards, the UFC has told him that if he wins the fight, he will be given the next title shot at 170lbs. Speaking on his YouTube channel, one of Edwards’ fellow Brits in Bisping broke down the fight with Masvidal. As far as Bisping goes, this is a very difficult fight to predict, but he does think Edwards holds several advantages.

“I mean that’s a tough one to call, isn’t it? You know, they both fought Nate Diaz. Masvidal destroyed Nate Diaz. I’m sorry all you Diaz fanboys, he did. All right the fight was stopped because of a cut but it was quite the boxing lesson that he was putting on Nate Diaz. On the flip side, Leon Edwards manhandled Nate Diaz for five rounds but in the fifth round got caught with one punch. And it’s weird, that’s the thing that stands out. That must p*ss Leon off a lot,” Bisping said (via SportsKeeda). “So they both handled Nate Diaz but of course MMA math doesn’t stack up. So I don’t even know why I’m bringing that up. All I know is, Leon’s probably the bigger guy, he’s probably got the cleaner technique. I would say he’s the stronger guy, right.”

It will be interesting to see what happens at UFC 269 between Masvidal and Edwards. The two welterweights have been rivals for nearly three years ever since the infamous three-piece and a soda incident, and now this December we will finally get to see them fight.

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