Jake Paul sounds off on “dog in a corner” Dana White: “You are one of the most selfish, capitalistic motherf*ckers that I’ve ever seen”

Jake Paul
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The ongoing feud between boxer Jake Paul and UFC President Dana White continued on Sunday morning.

Paul and White have been trading verbal jabs for months now, but their rivalry recently escalated after Jake knocked out former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

“I just knocked out a five time UFC champion and embarrassed your whole company. Please let me get Kamaru Usman, please let me get (Nate) Diaz, please let me get (Jorge) Masvidal. Cause I’m going to embarrass them, too. I promise you, Dana.” – Jake Paul said after sleeping ‘T-Wood’ in Tampa.

In addition to taunting Dana White about fighter pay, the undefeated boxer also accused the UFC boss of being a cocaine user.

White addressed Jake Paul’s accusations and criticism during a interview on “The FIGHT with Teddy Atlas” where he issued the following challenge.

“I’ve got a challenge for Jake Paul,” White said. “This guy keeps saying that I’m a coke head. He can randomly cocaine test me for the next 10 years if I can randomly steroid test him for the next two.”

Jake Paul took a couple of days to digest those comments from Dana White, but on Saturday offered a unique ultimatum to the UFC President on Twitter (see that here).

That “real challenge” didn’t go over well with White, who proceeded to release a video blasting Paul for his offer.

“Jake you never responded to the challenge. You publicly stated that I use cocaine. I do not. So I told you ‘You can randomly cocaine test me for the next ten years’. I believe that you’re a cheater, and I believe that you use steroids. So I want to randomly steroid test you for the next two years. And that thing that you came out with today, nobody on earth thinks that you wrote that, you’re too stupid.” Dana White said.

Dana White, Jake Paul, UFC, Boxing
Dana White and Jake Paul

On Sunday, Jake Paul took some time away from his vacation in Saint Barthélemy to once again address the UFC boss, where he proceeded to unleash a plethora of insults.

“Dana, I accepted every part of your challenge,” Paul said. “I said I would fight (Jorge) Masvidal in MMA. Steroid test me whenever the f*ck you want. It is two weeks after my fight and I’m a fat b*tch. I don’t do steroids and I take it as a compliment because there’s no other excuse to me knocking out all of your champions than, ‘This kid does steroids.’ Look at me (now). Look at that. (I’m) a fat b*tch. If you steroid test me, then I want to steroid test every one of your fighters. You won’t want to do it, though, will you?”

Jake Paul continued (h/t MMAJunkie):

“Long story short, you addressed nothing that I said. I said I would fight MMA. I said that I would retire from boxing and you avoided all of that sh*t. … It shows that you are in a corner. You’re a dog in a corner trying to fight to save his whole company and the embarrassment that I’ve put you through. Everybody sees it and what you can’t accept or love or appreciate is that I’m trying to change the sport forever. You are one of the most selfish, capitalistic motherf*ckers that I’ve ever seen.

“Everybody else needs you, Dana. I’m the only person who doesn’t need you. I don’t give a f*ck about you, but all these people, all of your fighters, they can’t say sh*t because you’ll just bench them. You’ve met your maker. I’m not going to stop. Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen. The bottom line, Dana, is that you won’t add healthcare because you don’t give a f*ck about them. And you’re too much of a greedy b*tch to pay your minimum fighter more than $12,000 for risking their lives. It’s what a janitor makes. You need to pay them $50,000, Dana. Stop avoiding my points.”

Jake Paul concluded his rant with the following:

“You say Masvidal is a pay-per-view superstar?! Let’s go to his last Instagram post. (It has) 5,000 likes or 10,000 likes or some sh*t. Do you realize that my mom, Pam, gets more likes than your pay-per-view ‘superstars’? Men lie. Women lie. Dana White lies. Numbers don’t. You want to talk sh*t about my manager (Nakisa Bidarian), who was the CFO of your company, that helped you sell it to Endeavor for $4 million? You’re just a jealous, ugly f*ck. You don’t know what true happiness is. You are the definition of a f*cking unhappy billionaire who thought that money would make their lives better. I feel bad for you.”

Jake Paul (5-0) is apparently targeting a professional boxer for his next fight, but it’s not Tommy Fury as many pundits were expecting. Instead, the YouTube sensation is eyeing a matchup with boxing veteran and former middleweight title holder Julio César Chávez Jr.

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