Israel Adesanya roasts his ‘children’ Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori while breaking down the fight

Israel Adesanya
Image Credit: UFC

Israel Adesanya knows quite a bit about the UFC Vegas 41 main event on Saturday.

Headlining the card is a middleweight fight between Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori. Both men are coming off title fight losses to Adesanya and Vettori has lost twice to the champ. Although Adesanya beat both of them, he still says people need to know both Costa and Vettori have failed drug tests in their past.

“They’ve both been popped for sh*t, that’s right, they’re both juicy boys,” Adesanya said on his YouTube channel (via MMAFighting). “They’ve both been popped, we need that to be known. These people forget so I need to remind people that, yeah, they’re both juicy boys.”

Although he wants everyone to know the two popped, Israel Adesanya is excited about the fight. He believes Vettori’s biggest strength is his chin as he is very hard to put away.

“Vettori’s biggest weapon is his chin — that blockhead, that f*cking LEGO blockhead,” Adesanya explained. “That’s his biggest weapon in this fight because he can take Costa to deep water by taking punishment, some ‘rope-a-dope sh*t’ without the rope-a-dope, just walking forward and taking punishment. But his body, everybody’s body is suspect. I don’t think anybody’s body can withstand the kind of punishment their head can if you hit them in the right spot. Same with the head, but Vettori’s just got a blockhead.

“He can take a lot of punishment, I’ll give him that,” Adesanya continued. “I would say his best method of victory is just taking Costa to deep water by grappling him, stalling, and just making him work. But Vettori has to be willing to try and actually do something, rather than just stall.”

If Costa is going to win, Israel Adesanya believes the Brazilian will need to find the KO shot on Vettori early unto the fight. He does think Costa will struggle with the takedowns and his cardio the longer the fight goes.

“[He’s a] good striker,” Adesanya stated. “Costa’s path to victory in this fight? Get him out early. Do what you did to get to the dance, that got you this far, because you’re not fighting me, you’re fighting Vettori and he’s got sh*t footwork — even worse than you. I feel like Costa can just do what he does: just bull rush him, bulldoze him, but be careful of the takedowns because Vettori’s gonna try that, time that, and take him down.”

In the end, all Adesanya is hoping for is an exciting fight as he says he roots for all his children to do well.

“I just want to see my children so well,” Adesanya said. “I really wish the best for my kids and my kid’s kid, but it ain’t me, though.”

What do you make of Israel Adesanya’s breakdown between Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori?

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