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Henry Cejudo responds after Aljamain Sterling says he prefers “money fight” with Sean O’Malley next: “You want Suga Sean O’Methly because the only thing he can wrestle with is his sexuality”

Henry Cejudo is continuing to take shots at Aljamain Sterling.

After Sterling defended his bantamweight title for the second time at UFC 280 against TJ Dillashaw, Cejudo has been vocal in calling him out. Yet, the champ says he wants time off so ‘Triple C’ then turned his attention to Sean O’Malley.

Although none of the fights are a done deal, Sterling says he would rather fight O’Malley than Cejudo.

“Give me the money fight, whichever one that is,” Sterling said to the media. “I think it’s personally O’Malley, people may think I will just take him down and steamroll him, I think I would do that to anybody. He can catch me the same way I can take him down and it would be a short night for him the same way he could catch me and it could be a short night for me as well.”

Aljamain Sterling believes Henry Cejudo needs to take a fight to prove he is serious about fighting. Yet, the champ does understand why ‘Triple C’ is focused on a title shot, as he thinks Cejudo would potentially lose in a number one contender fight, but he makes it clear this is all on Cejudo as no one told him to retire.

Cejudo Claims He Was Offered Sterling At UFC 284

Of course, to no surprise, Cejudo issued a response on social media and blasted Sterling for wanting to fight Sean O’Malley. He also told the champ to sign the contract.

“Look Whoopi Goldberg…. you want Suga Sean O’Methly because the only thing he can wrestle with is his sexuality. Sign the Contract bitch,” Cejudo tweeted.

Cejudo then claimed he was offered a contract to face Sterling in February in Perh but the champ turned it down.


“I’ve been sent a contact from the UFC to fight ALJOLAME Stalling in Perth Australia. This dude is doing literally everything to avoid me. Man up pussy,” Cejudo added.

Of course, Sterling has made it known he wants some time off and won’t be returning until the summer.

There’s no question Henry Cejudo does want to come back, but whether or not it will be for a title fight is uncertain. Yet, the rivalry between him and Sterling only continues to grow which could add to the interest of making the scrap happen.

Would you like to see Henry Cejudo vs. Aljamain Sterling next?

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