Gilbert Burns explains why Leon Edwards has “the best chance” to beat Kamaru Usman

Leon Edwards
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Gilbert Burns believes Leon Edwards has the best chance to dethrone Kamaru Usman and become the new welterweight champion.

Usman is currently rehabbing his hand but when he returns it is expected he will face Edwards next. The two fought back in December 2015 and it was Usman edging out a decision in a close fight. Since then, both Usman and Edwards haven’t lost and Burns believes there are a few key reasons why the Brit can have success against the champ.

“I’m telling you right now, Leon Edwards is very underrated. I have no idea (why). That guy is very good. Just think about it, a striker, long, and a southpaw,” Burns said about Leon Edwards on Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub. “That’s already tough, and that guy has a great team. I watched this thing, they are very underrated they have Arnold Allen, a lot of guys, Jai Herbert that team is solid, people don’t give a lot of credit. And, I know Kamaru pretty well, but that fight is gonna be close. That fight is gonna be close, and I think if you got these three guys, me in my opinion, Colby, Khamzat, and Leon, Leon has the best chance to beat Usman.

Leon Edwards Kamaru Usman
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“I think because he’s a striker, and he can grapple, and he can wrestle. Very long. These other guys are wrestlers,” Burns continued about Edwards. “They can strike, don’t get me wrong. Both guys (Covington and Chimaev) can strike, but they are wrestlers. That guy (Edwards) is a striker. I think out of these three guys, Leon has the more chance to beat Kamaru, and I think that fight is gonna be close. Kamaru is very smart. He’s been there a couple of times. I think he’s gonna take the fight very serious, but if he don’t, it’s a mistake. It’s a rematch, now fighting for the title. That guy’s been waiting for the opportunity. The fight was given to him when they offered it to me and he said no for a reason, I need a proper camp. Now he has it.”

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Leon Edwards does have a lot of tools as Gilbert Burns says that can pose Kamaru Usman problems. But, for now, the fight still is not done as Usman is still on the sidelines. If the bout does happen, Burns won’t be surprised if Edwards becomes the new champ.

What do you make of Gilbert Burns saying Leon Edwards has the best chance to beat Kamaru Usman?

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