Dana White says UFC fighters do not want the media or fans to know how much money they make

Dana White, UFC Jacksonville, Anthony Smith, Glover Teixeira, Sean O'Malley

UFC president Dana White says that UFC fighters do not want the media or fans to know how much money they make with the company.

Fighter pay is often a touchy topic with White and the UFC. There have been lots of stories about UFC fighters being paid poorly as of late, and boxer Jake Paul has been leading the charge to get the fighters a bigger percentage of the UFC’s revenue pie. Despite the numbers saying otherwise, White has remained adamant that UFC fighters are paid quite well. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why White says the fighters want their numbers private despite there being fans and media who are curious as to what they make.

Speaking to the media following Tuesday night’s Contender Series, White explained why UFC fighters want to keep their pay private. As far as White goes, most fighters he has talked to do not want their pay disclosed, in part so they don’t have people hitting them up for cash once the numbers come out.

“It doesn’t matter to me if these guys want to let you know what they make. You guys asked (Kevin) Holland the other day, and what did he say? He said people were hitting him up for money after I said it,” White said (via MMAjunkie.com). “Most of these guys want what’s called an LOA (Letter of agreement), where you don’t get to see their money. Most of the fighters want an LOA. They don’t want people to know how much they make and you can imagine why they don’t. People start coming out of the woodwork and looking for money when they think you got it.”

Do you agree with Dana White keeping fighter pay private or do you believe it should be made public despite some fighters reportedly not wanting to disclose their pay?

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