Chepe Mariscal eyes a KO win or the “Fight of the Night” against Jack Jenkins at UFC 293: “I love going to enemy territory”

By Cole Shelton - September 6, 2023

Chepe Mariscal is excited to go down to Australia at UFC 293 and fight in enemy territory.

Chepe Mariscal

Mariscal is coming off his UFC debut back in June when he beat Trevor Peek by decision in a very fan-friendly fight. After the performance, he wasn’t sure what would be next, but he wanted a quick turnaround, which is what he got.

“I feel good, man. It’s crazy, it’s what I wanted,” Mariscal said on Just Scrap Radio on “I want to stay busy, I like to fight, I’m 30 years old, and I don’t know how long I still got in the game, but I’m going to do what I can to keep fighting.”

The UFC ended up getting Chepe Mariscal another fight right away as he will head down to Australia to face local fighter Jack Jenkins at UFC 293.

Although some people don’t like the long travel and going into enemy territory, it’s something Mariscal loves, and was thrilled when he got the news he’d be fighting in Australia.

“I’ve contacted a lot of other coaches that have gone and some of my friends have gone to Australia and had their debut there. It’s cool to have people I know have experience,” Mariscal said. “But, I love overseas stuff, I’ve been to Russia for fighting, I’ve been to Ireland, and Brazil, so it’s awesome to go to Australia. I love going to enemy territory, I love the boos, the hate, I love this part of the spot. I feed off of those things. I’m ready to go out there and have some fun.”

Not only is Chepe Mariscal excited to go into enemy territory at UFC 293, but he’s also excited to be fighting Jack Jenkins who he knows is a fan-friendly fighter.

Mariscal is expecting his UFC 293 to either be a Fight of the Night if Jenkins can take the damage, or a KO victory as he has high expectations for his scrap.

“I want to be in the finish business, if I can’t knock him out, it better be Fight of the Night, or a crazy beatdown,” Mariscal said. “I know he’s a crazy striker and has a lot of other tools, I know we are going to put on a good fight, but I’m just ready to go out there and get what I deserve. I’ve been in this sport for a long time.”

Should Chepe Mariscal get a stoppage win at UFC 293, he isn’t sure what it does for him but he hopes to return in December.

“I hope it puts me in a better spot, I want to fight more experienced guys. A big win here, and if there is a cool Christmas present in December, I would love to fight then. Just keep doing what I’m doing,” Mariscal concluded.


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