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UFC 222 Results: Sean O’Malley defeats Andre Soukhamthath (Highlights)

UFC 222 Results: Sean O’Malley defeats Andre Soukhamthath

A bantamweight fight between Sean O’Malley and Andre Soukhamthath took place on tonight’s UFC 222 main card in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Andre and Sean meet in the center of the cage. Soukhamthath is circling early here trying to find his way inside. Andre with a nice low kick. Sean fires back with one of his own. He attempts a spinning back kick that just misses the mark. Andre leaps in with a right hand that lands. Sean immediately fires back with a low kick. Andre responds with one of his own. O’Malley is pressing the action now. He lands a hard low kick that drops Andre. Soukhamthath gets back to his feet but eats another kick for his troubles, this time to the body. Sean with a spinning back fist attempt. He follows that up with a kick that lands flush to the body of Soukhamthath. Andre appears to be frustrated. O’Malley is all over him now. He lands another hard kick to the body. Sean with a right hand that drops Andre. Soukhamthath is back up but O’Malley greets him with a high kick. He tries another that just misses. Sean has Andre in all sorts of trouble. He lands a high kick and then a right hand. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Andre comes forward quickly. He throws a combination followed by a kick. Soukhamthath with a left and right now. O’Malley circles out and then lands a right hand of his own. Andre responds with a hard low kick. Sean with a nice jab now. Andre shoots in and scores a takedown. Let’s see what he can do here. O’Malley immediately locks up a triangle choke. Andre is doing his best to avoid the submission. Sean is trying to adjust the hold. He switches to an armbar and it appears to be pretty deep. Andre escapes and winds up in side control. Just under two minutes remain in round two. Andre with some short right hands from the top. Sean somehow locks in a guillotine choke. It looks deep. Andre scrambles and gets free. O’Malley stays on him and locks in a rear-naked choke. The horn sounds to end round two and save Soukhamthath.

Round three begins and Andre immediately rushes forward and pushes Sean against the cage. He is looking to setup a takedown but O’Malley escapes and circles out. Sean with a left jab followed by a low kick. He lands a right hand over the top. Andre with a hard low kick. O’Malley appears to have hurt his foot. Andre shoots in and takes O’Malley to the floor. Andre with a nice right hand from top position. He steps over into side control. Andre traps and arm and works in a hard elbow. O’Malley scrambles and gets back to his feet. He can’t even put weight on that leg. For whatever reason Andre opts to take him down. O’Malley scrambles and gets backup to his feet. Andre takes him right back down. He works in a knee to the body. Andre with some short shots. Round three comes to an end.

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