VIDEO | Tyron Woodley Gives Update on his Shoulder Surgery

Tyron Woodley

Last week, UFC Welterweight champion of the world, Tyron Woodley announced that he was indeed going to go through with the shoulder surgery he briefly mentioned a few weeks prior.

“I’m going to go ahead and get this shoulder repaired,” Woodley said. “I’ve been saying, ‘You know what, I don’t want to get it cut on, I don’t want to get it repaired.’ But if there’s no fight that really makes a ton of sense for me to take the risk, to not be 100 percent with my shoulder, then I’m going to go ahead and have it repaired. They’re not going to do a full orthopedic rehabilitation, but they’re going to do a scope and they’re going to anchor down some sides. Then I’m going to get some PRP (platelet-rich plasma), some stem cells. I’m doing everything.”

That brings us to this week! Where the champ has indeed had a successful surgery and even gave us a video update while on anesthesia.

“The surgery is complete. All you little ‘Welterwiners’, bumpin’ your gums about wanting to fight me…you’re going to get your chance, and it might not be what you want. Sometimes you got to watch what you ask for.

Surgery went well, to be honest, I’m excited I got it done. I was kind of sketchy on it, didn’t want to be down for too long. So they cleaned it out and injected your boy with stem cells.

I’ll be back pretty soon.”

The very same day that Woodley announced he would be going forward with the surgery, reports came out that he and top Welterweight contender, Colby Covington were being discussed as the possible next coaches for season 27 of The Ultimate Fighter. This would mean that at the end of the season, Covington would be challenging for Woodley’s title. These reports have yet to be confirmed and there have been no further updates on the matter or who TUF 27’s coaches will be. Keep your eyes on for all the latest updates and announcements.


This article first appeared on on 12/21/2017.

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