Sean Strickland tells the UFC he has “a price” in order to fight Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 in Australia: “Pay me”

By Cole Shelton - July 20, 2023

Sean Strickland has responded to Israel Adesanya saying they will be fighting in Australia at UFC 293.

Sean Strickland and Israel Adesanya

Adesanya took to social media to announce that Dricus Du Plessis won’t be able to fight him at UFC 293 in Australia on September 9. He also claimed Strickland would be stepping in, but the American says in order for him to face Adesanya in September he needs to be paid accordingly.

“I understand you, Dricus. It is very natural to fight – I just fought a week before you – and then to be like hey you want to fly across the world and fight a guy on seven weeks’ notice? It is very natural to say I don’t want to do that,” Sean Strickland said to Helen Yee. “But, I’m a f*****g man, I’m not a f*****g p****y. If you pay me, I have a price. You pay me money, I will fight him right here. Unlike Dricus who is probably a smarter man (than me), the true African he is, I am not. You f*****g pay me, we will fight right here… I mean, we are in talks. Like I said, just f*****g pay me.

Strickland plans to bite down on the mouthpiece against Adesanya

If Sean Strickland gets paid what he wants, he knows beating Israel Adesanya will be easier said than done. However, he does have confidence he has the style and tools to dethrone the champ and get the win.

“Go in there, bite on the mouthpiece. I love Kelvin (Gastelum), I train with Kelvin and I beat the f*****g brakes off him. That is a fight to emulate and just be better, just be better than Kelvin, that is not that hard to do,” Strickland said about how he would go about fighting Adesanya.

Although Sean Strickland believes he will beat Israel Adesanya, he has yet to strike a deal to fight in Australia as he is holding out for the right payday.


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