Ali Abdelaziz blasts rumored Kayla Harrison vs. Cris Cyborg fight: Nobody gives a s*it”

Cris Cyborg
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Ali Abdelaziz doesn’t believe anyone really wants to see Kayla Harrison fight Cris Cyborg.

Harrison was a free agent following her win over Taylor Guardado last October. Her free agency period saw her negotiate with Bellator and UFC, as well as PFL. Eventually, it became a two-horse race between Bellator and the PFL.

Harrison recently revealed that she actually signed a contract to fight Cyborg in Bellator. However, PFL matched the rights to Bellator’s offer. Therefore, Harrison was legally obligated to return to the promotion.

Despite not going to Bellator, Harrison and Cyborg have continued to share words. The PFL fighter even went as far as challenging the Bellator champion to a gym fight. However, it didn’t come to fruition.

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Kayla Harrison’s agent Ali Abdelaziz recently discussed the proposed fight in an interview with MMAJunkie. The manager noted that he doesn’t really care about the matchup. Abdelaziz also opined that nobody else cares either.

Ali Abdelaziz
Image: @AliAbdelaziz000 on Instagram

“At the end of the day, listen, everyone is using Kayla’s name to promote themselves. I have no interest in this fight. Kayla will fight anybody. I don’t care about promoters, managers, reporters. They all talk about Kayla and Cyborg. Listen, at the end of the day, I don’t really care about this fight. This fight will probably never happen. And even if this fight happens, nobody gives a sh*t.” (h/t MMAJunkie)

Ali Abdelaziz continued, “That’s my opinion. Because Kayla’s Kayla. She’s undefeated. She’s the best female fighter in the world, and in my opinion a pound-for-pound great right now. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. Cyborg needs her. She doesn’t need Cyborg. She’s making six figures, seven figures every fight. She’s happy, she’s going to beat whoever they give her.”

What do you think about Ali Abdelaziz’s comments? Do you want to see Kayla Harrison fight Cris Cyborg?

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