VIDEO | John Kavanagh explains how Nate Diaz told him in middle of fight with Conor McGregor, ‘F–k you and your gameplan!’

Nate Diaz is as tough as they come.

During the five-round war with Conor McGregor at UFC 202, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh recalled a moment on The MMA Hour when he was just baffled by Diaz and his fighting spirit (at 3:09:00 of the video).

“There was a funny part from the fight, I don’t know whether it was picked up or not but they were in our corner and Conor had thrown a turning side kick, which wasn’t a part of the game plan at all. And I kind of shouted at Conor and he was right beside me and I was like, ‘Gameplan! Stick to the gameplan! Discipline!’ And in the midst of all that madness Nate kind of looks down at me and goes, ‘F you and your gameplan!’

“It was just a crazy moment,” Kavanagh said laughing.

We’re just going to guess that this could have been the part of the fight where Nate threw in a sneaky middle finger to Team McGregor in the middle of the clinch with “The Notorious.”

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