Nate Diaz reportedly in talks with Floyd Mayweather to join TMT

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz could be making quite a groundbreaking move in bridging the gap between the MMA community and the boxing community.

In the closing weeks of 2016, news had surfaced that Conor McGregor had been granted a boxing license in California. While there was no word on whether McGregor would take a boxing match, this threw fuel on the fire in regards to talks of a potential McGregor-Mayweather boxing match.

Following news of McGregor being granted the license in California, UFC star Nate Diaz revealed his intentions to make the transition to boxing, and get out of MMA:

“I’m going to get my boxing license in Cali and Nevada. I tried to get out of my UFC contract years ago. I had guys try to buy out my UFC contract so I could box – years ago. But the UFC wouldn’t let me go. So I have been stuck in these contracts and stuff.”

“But I’m not doing it for a publicity stunt, I’m doing it because I love the sport of boxing. I want to win, I want to win fights for real and get out of this MMA shit that I’m not even into anyway. I don’t think they want me in there anyway, so I might as well stay out.”

Team diaz

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While since then there has been no word as to when, or if, Nate Diaz will step in the boxing ring, however undefeated boxing icon Floyd Mayweather revealed on a live-stream video that he was on the phone with Nate Diaz discussing the possibility of the Stockton superstar training with ‘Money’.

Now,’s Chris Taylor has confirmed with sources that Mayweather has reached out to Nate Diaz about joining ‘The Money Team’ (TMT).

Only time will tell if Diaz makes the move to join TMT, or if his current UFC contract will allow him to make the transition to boxing in the future.

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richest fight in history

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

This article first appeared on on 1/18/2017.

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