Nate Diaz wants rematch with Jake Paul in MMA or boxing: “Either way is fine with me”

By Fernando Quiles - August 6, 2023

Nate Diaz sees another fight with Jake Paul in his future.

Nate Diaz Jake Paul

Diaz had his first pro boxing match against Paul on August 5. The two swung leather inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. It was clear early on that Paul’s punches packed more power than Diaz’s. That much was especially evident in the fifth round. Paul landed a counter fadeaway hook that dropped the Stockton native.

Nate Diaz survived the knockdown and had a few moments against Jake Paul. Ultimately, the bout went the distance and the unanimous decision went to Paul.

Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul 2?

As is usually the case with Diaz, this latest loss has seemingly done nothing to hurt his stock. He’ll likely be in high demand and the thought of a rematch with Jake Paul is enticing. During the post-fight press conference, Nate Diaz made it clear he’ll fight Paul again under MMA rules or back to boxing (h/t MMAFighting).

“Right now we’re going to go home and we’re going to talk about it, and we’re going to figure out whether we want to do MMA or boxing, and then we’ll see what they want to do,” Diaz said. “They said they wanted to do the PFL thing, and I think that if we want to do that, we’re going to have to co-promote and do Real Fight vs. PFL, and I’m with that. But my goal is to get a rematch in any art.”

Diaz isn’t getting too excited about the thought of another fight with the “Problem Child” just yet. With that said, he’s convinced that another battle with Paul will eventually happen.

“We’re going to see what happens with him, see if he really wants to do that,” Diaz added. “If not, I’ll be back in this hunting him down too. Either way is fine with me.”


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