Nate Diaz claims Justin Gaethje isn’t worthy of being the BMF champion: “Don’t fit the description”

By Cole Shelton - August 1, 2023

Nate Diaz doesn’t think Justin Gaethje is worthy of being the BMF champion.

Nate Diaz, Justin Gaethje

At UFC 291, Gaethje won the vacant BMF title with a second-round head kick KO over Dustin Poirier. It was just the second time the BMF belt was up for grabs as the first time, it was Jorge Masvidal winning by TKO doctor stoppage over Nate Diaz.

Although Gaethje has been known for always being in exciting fights and never backing down, Diaz doesn’t think ‘The Highlight’ is truly a BMF. He also doesn’t think Poirier and Masvidal are BMF’s either.

Nate Diaz takes aim at Justin Gaethje

“No, him and Poirier are dorks, they don’t fit the description anyway, Masvidal, too. The champions are all kind of lame right now,” Diaz said to All Out Fighting. “There is Adesanya and Jon Jones, besides that everybody is kind of, there is nobody that entertaining to watch. So, what happens? I make something to entertain people and I’m not even in there?

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“They just needed something to do, something to make some promotion out of it. That’s why I had to get out of the organization the whole time anyway,” Nate Diaz continued. “I was doing all the promoting and bringing the attention, well I may as well be doing this out on my own. I thought about it years ago. They got a whole belt made and all the guys that want the belt are the guys who criticized it at the time. They are all dorks.”

As Nate Diaz says, many people did criticize the BMF belt when the UFC first introduced it but now people want to win it. With that, perhaps Diaz does return to the UFC and try and get the BMF in his possession as he doesn’t think Gaethje is worthy of having it.

Before any of that can happen, Nate Diaz will box Jake Paul on Saturday night in his first fight since exiting the UFC.


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