Coach Cesar Gracie says the UFC will need to open their pocket book to get Nate Diaz back: “Millions and millions”

By Susan Cox - July 9, 2024

Coach Cesar Gracie is making it known that the UFC will need to open their pocket book to get Nate Diaz back.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is hot off a majority decision victory over Jorge Masvidal in the boxing ring.

The two UFC legends originally met in November of 2019 at UFC 244 where it was Masvidal earning the victory and being awarded the first ever BMF title.

As for what is next for the 39-year-old Diaz, his coach Cesar Gracie addressed what his future may hold.

Gracie, in an interview with ‘Submission Radio’ spoke about the possibility of a trilogy bout between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz:

“I think a trilogy probably makes a lot of sense for both of those guys. You know Chandler and McGregor is a good fight, too. But, I mean, just the history of Nate and McGregor, I think it’d be the bigger fan fight if they had a trilogy. And in my opinion, that’s what I’m thinking.”

McGregor (22-6 MMA) and Diaz (21-13 MMA) had back-to-back fights in 2016, the first saw the Diaz win via submission while the second had the Irishman getting the W by majority decision.

Continuing, Gracie shared:

“Nate doesn’t look like he’s really lost any steps lately. With McGregor, he’s been out of it for awhile and he hasn’t had a win in a long time. I would have to favor Nate on that one. His toughness, and he’s been in the game. And you know, it’s not good when guys come out and stay out that long from the game. It’s hard for them. And I think whether McGregor fights Chandler or someone else, I think he’s going to have a lot of trouble getting back to his peak performance.”

Another opponent in the wings could be Leon Edwards, Gracie addressed that possibility saying:

“Edwards is at the top of his game for sure. And the thing with Nate is he just always has the tools to beat you. Edwards landed some absolutely devastating shots in their fight. I saw kicks, I saw punches, and he won some of the rounds.”

“But, if we’re going to be perfectly honest, if there was another round left, I think all the fans realized that Edwards was about to get knocked out in that fight.”

Nate Diaz and the current UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards (22-3 MMA), originally met in June of 2021 at UFC 263. The result was a unanimous decision victory for ‘Rocky’.

“If you want to point fight him, yeah, you could maybe beat him. But, if you really go to knock him out, that’s when you can get in trouble. So, it depends on what it was we would see that night.”

As for as how the UFC could entertain having Diaz back in the cage – Gracie says it’s all about the money (h/t MMAMania):

“Millions and millions of dollars, whatever they’re paying their highest people. Nate is such an icon of the sport. He’s fought and deserves the things he’s gotten. He had to get everything the hard way. He brings star power with him. The event last night was sold out. It was. And it was on Nate Diaz over there.”

“No one would have gone to that show without Nate Diaz. It was so huge.”

Would you like to see the UFC dole out some cash to get Nate Diaz back with the promotion? If it happens, would you rather see him fight McGregor or Edwards in the Octagon?

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