Max Holloway believes the government “failed the people” of Hawaii as wildfires rage on

By Cole Shelton - August 18, 2023

Max Holloway is disappointed in the government as the wildfires in Hawaii have raged on.

Max Holloway, Hawaii fires

Wildfires started to take over Maui and the death total reached over 110 with thousands of people missing. To make matters worse, Hawaii has one of the largest siren warning systems in the world, but the 80 alarms on Maui, stayed silent. Many citizens were confused as to why the sirens never went off and Max Holloway believes that is just one of the many things the government did to fail the people.

“It’s tough man, it’s tough man. Everything that’s going on in Lahaina now is heartbreaking,” Holloway said to TMZ Sports. “You hear the stories, you hear everything. I don’t know if you’ve been following the news in any way. But, here, the state, the government at so many levels, I’m straight up going to say it, they failed the people of Lahaina and it’s kind of heartbreaking. When it felt like they were lollygagging, too, after everything happened, the people, the Hawaiian people, the locals there are the ones that stood up, that took on the responsibility, and are helping, and are still helping as we speak. Man, it’s just super heartbreaking.”

Max Holloway won’t pull out of UFC Singapore

With Hawaii dealing with the fires, Max Holloway was asked if he thought about pulling out of his upcoming UFC Singapore fight against Korean Zombie next weekend. However, Holloway says he plans on giving the people of Hawaii something to take their minds off the fires.

“If I can take their minds off of it for a second, a minute, five minutes, whatever it is, I always go in there thinking Hawaii is on my back. I’m going in there a little bit heavier right now,” Holloway said.

Although Max Holloway is disappointed in the government, he says he will be there for Hawaii. He will also be ready to help in any way after his fight.

“My main message to the families that are directly impacted, stay strong. We’re all here for you guys, we’re gonna keep this going for you guys. We’re in for the long haul on this fight. This is just the beginning, and we know. The recovery is going to take a long time. Everything is gone, and we know this, and we’re here for the long ride,” Holloway concluded.


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