Kevin Lee thinks he knows when McGregor-Ferguson will happen, predicts outcome of fight

Kevin Lee

There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding the next fight of UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. In the opinion of lightweight contender Kevin Lee, however, McGregor will probably return to the Octagon to battle interim champion Tony Ferguson in the new year.

“I think he comes back, he fights Tony,” Lee said on a recent episode of MMA Junkie Radio. “He don’t want to, but I feel like at some point they’re going to force him to. Either that, or something crazy is going to happen there. But at least I think everything that I’ve seen and all the little whispers that I’ve heard, he comes back, he fights Tony.”

Lee then continued, offering a prediction for this possible fight, and announcing that he hear it’s being targeted for March.

“[McGregor] gets his ass beat,” Lee said. “And then who knows, maybe I come back, I fight one, and then I fight McGregor. That’d be a big fight. We’ll see. We’ll see how it shakes up. I still feel like I’m the best fight for [McGregor] in this division. He’s got a couple suitors in there, but I don’t think he beats Tony. There ain’t no way. Tony’s going to be way too experienced, Tony’s going to be way too tough… He’s going to be too much for him. So I’m interested to see that fight. I wish they would just go ahead and make the damn fight happen already. I hear it’s supposed to go down in March, so we’ll see.”

“I think [Tony] TKOs him,” Lee continued, when pressed for a more specific prediction. “I think end of the third round. Tony’s got a weird style. I knew that before getting in there with him, but especially getting in there, he just does a lot of little things. I won’t give up a lot of it, cause that’s just how it is, but he does a lot of things that are like… annoying… that bother you. And I don’t think Conor’s dealt with those types of things before, and it’ll just be too much for him, and eventually Tony takes him down and TKOs him.”

“I don’t know if [Ferguson will] jump on a submission from top [position]… he might, but I see him TKOing him.”

What do you think of these predictions from Kevin Lee?

This article first appeared on on 27/12/2017.

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