Report: Julian Wallace posted nude photos of ex-fiancee ‘Jessy Jess’ after she revealed info of his assault on her

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Julian “Julz the Jackal” Wallace is in the craziest fight of his life.

You may recognize the tattoo-covered Australian MMA fighter from a viral video on the Internet when he “bullied” Ben Nguyen during their weigh-in staredown at the Nitro 11 event in 2014. Nguyen went on to KO Wallace in the first round of their fight at Nitro 11 after their interesting weigh-in incident.

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Now, Wallace’s name is buzzing through media headlines after pleading guilty to assaulting his ex-fiancee and fellow MMA fighter, Jessy-Rose “Jessy Jess” Clark. Wallace entered a guilty plea to “one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of intentionally choking with recklessness,” according to a report from The Daily Telegraph. Wallace claims to have pleaded guilty to “save money,” likely having to do with all the legal fees associated with the case.

In a report from MMA Fighting, they have a screenshot of one of Wallace’s post that was deleted that said the following:

Before you see my Plea of guilt as me agreeing to the charges my “EX” girlfriend thrown on top me and sold to the media to drag my name through the dirt. Understand that no one will ever know what really happened through our relationship but “Jessy Jess” and I. I pleaded guilty to thees charges because after $8000 dollars I was insured my fight for the truth would cost another $10000. I pleaded guilty to Jessica’s story because I wanted her out of my life and I wanted to move on. I am not denying making some mistakes, I was in a very Violent relationship with Jessica, on her receiving end far more times then once or twice. Detail is not important, I have moved on with my life and everyone can see that. I just wish she would and leave me alone.
This situation happened in April! Thees are just some of the messages she had been writing to me and sending me since then.
Including her even needing me in her last fight week.
Have a read of them and then tell me if believe Miss “Jessy Jess” story. If I had done thees things there is no way women would want a man like that in there life.
“Jessy Jess” dropped the AVO restraining order that the police had in place as she knew I was no threat at all to her.
She also was dropping the charges though I had happily moved on and found the love of my life Ashlee. Jessy to my understanding scooped this low in spite, to not only keep charges and her story on me but to flick it to the media to drag my name through the dirt as consequence to my happiness.
The price of happiness.
Il pay it.
These are messages of love from Jessy last month and before all in fact after the accused in April.

Vice and DailyMail are reporting that Wallace posted nude photos of his ex-fiancee after she revealed the information regarding Wallace’s attack on her. Both reports indicate that Wallace posted the naked photos of Clark as well as screenshots of some of their conversations on his Facebook page. Wallace also threatened to release a private sex tape involving Clark. Wallace later reportedly deleted the posts and personal Facebook account after receiving complaints and criticism from the posts.

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Clark posted the following message on Facebook on Sunday with a link to a report on her attack:

I’m not entirely sure what to write.
This is something that I have struggled with being able to speak about over the last couple of months. Until my close friends and family encouraged me to be open about it in the hope of not only helping the women in this mans future, but other women men and children who are being subjected to situations like this or worse.
It has only been a few short months and one of the hardest things for me to come to terms with, is the fact that the man I was so head over heels in love with, and professed to be madly in love with me in return, could act the way he did. And I was too stupid to leave. I was too in love to leave. I truly believed things would get better.
They got worse.
It saddens me that this particular incident had to happen before I finally found the courage to leave. And it saddens me that I was still so caught in his spell, that I still went back multiple times to see him even after it happened. I still told him I loved him and I even considered trying to make it work again. 5th time is a charm right?
I am BLESSED to have had beautiful friends and my family for me to lean on whenever I was feeling tempted by his beautiful words and his sweet actions. They always reminded me of where I had come from.
I had to leave the country to break free of his spell completely.
I saw him 3 days before I left for America. He begged me to come say goodbye to him and I did. I couldn’t even look him in the eye. I had to leave.
I haven’t spoken to him or contacted him since.
I am so grateful for the support network that I had and have around me because without it, I might still be caught in that trap.
Thank you to everyone who has been there for me through every threat, every fight, every hit, every time I was made to feel like I was nothing and nobody would ever love me or want me the way he did.
The reason I came out so publicly about this is because it TERRIFIES me to think that if someone like myself, a professional fighter, can get so deeply caught in such a toxic and hurtful situation, and knowing how hard it is to break free of their hold on you, then what hope is there for the women, men and children who don’t have the physical ability to not only defend themselves but remove themselves from the situation.
I am urging everyone, PLEASE don’t ever feel like you are alone. There are people everywhere who will help you. I will help you. Msg me any time of the day or night and I will be here.
I wasn’t alone, no matter how degraded and isolated I was, I realised I was never alone.
You are not alone.

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Following the guilty plea to the charges, Wallace was released from the Australian MMA promotion Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC) where he had his last three fights.

Julian Wallace will receive his sentencing on December 7 in an Australian court.