VIDEO | Holly Holm Has Fun at Open Workouts, Likes Being Underdog

Holly Holm is no stranger to big fights. Whether it be in boxing or MMA, she’s been a championship level fighter where ever she’s gone. A win over UFC Featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg would be a record setter for “The Preacher’s Daughter” which is just extra pressure added onto her against an already tough task in the fight alone. Holm chatted with Ariel Helwani today about that, her fun and interactive open workout and more.

“I didn’t want to be so light, not just going into a different weight class it’s…i’m going against the biggest opponent at that weight class so I don’t want to walk around right at what the weigh in is, I wanted to feel good. I didn’t want to keep bad weight on but I wanted to keep weight on. I didn’t try to keep it on, I just tried not to worry too much about losing any kind of muscle or anything. I’m good, i’ll have a little bit to lose tonight but it will be super easy.

Honestly I would never think that [i’m the greatest female fighter of all time with a win], but I do know that if I get this win that I will be very proud of it and it will be something that I can have in my legacy. It will be something that I know hasn’t been accomplished by anybody else. I know that there’s been two division champions before in the men’s divisions but nobody that came from boxing even, even in the men’s much less. To be champions in both, to kind of have all of that would be huge. I always want to do something that hasn’t been done before. So that’s kind of a goal, to do something that hasn’t been done before but that doesn’t mean that even if it had already been done I would still want to win just as badly.

It’s a different kind of pressure but it’s the pressure I prefer [compared to the Ronda Rousey fight]. I like to be the unexpected one to go out there but with that comes the fact that everybody is thinking I can’t do it, why? Because i’m really up against that big of a person. I’m really up against that tough of an opponent, so I can say see why they would think it. So it comes with it’s own stresses but it’s not anything that puts me all the way back to where I can’t do it.”

Cris Cyborg makes her first UFC title defense against former UFC Bantamweight champion, Holly Holm this Saturday at UFC 219! Will Holm get the upset once again to claim her second UFC title but at a different weight?


This article first appeared on on 12/28/2017

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