Henry Cejudo breaks down Sean O’Malley’s TKO victory over Aljamain Sterling, sends a warning to ‘Suga’

By Susan Cox - August 23, 2023

Henry Cejudo is breaking down Sean O’Malley’s TKO victory over Aljamain Sterling and in the process sending a warning to ‘Suga’.

It was just this past Saturday, August 19th, at UFC 292 that saw the main event feature a bantamweight title fight between Aljamain Sterling (23-4 MMA) and Sean O’Malley (17-1 MMA). The outcome was a TKO victory for O’Malley at 0:51 of round 2.

Henry Cejudo has taken to ‘X‘ with the following caption and a video outlining ‘How Suga KO’d Aljo’:



How can you call yourself the World Champ if you’re not the King of your own city? I’m still looking for a tune up, precious FULL BREAKDOWN: https://youtu.be/Y62xsM1LCrY “

The video went like this:

“And watch, and watch, keep going, and then BOOM right here! This is where you got to be careful as a fighter!  Is when they talk about you being squared because when you’re squared you are the right target to be able to actually get hit. So this is why it’s always if you do throw, you gotta come back here, rather than when Aljo threw, he almost came back like boom. He didn’t retrigger himself to be back in that stance position. You know he ended up staying square… and then BAP!”

“So what were Sean O’Malley’s keys to upsetting Aljamain Sterling?

  • movement
  • distance
  • set traps”
Sean O'Malley Aljamain Sterling UFC 292

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At the end of the instructional video, Henry Cejudo wasted no time in calling out the new champion saying:

“You know, I get it Sean O’Malley… I get you don’t want a piece of the Triple C. Hey remember that one time I said, HEY SEAN! What do you say precious? And you replied ‘serious? you’re good to go now huh’. Remember when you were stuttering Sean? (laughing) How can you say you’re the best in the world  (taking hold of the belt) if you’re not even the best in the damn city?! That’s right. You’re not even the city champ to be quite honest with you. What you go on me? If you want a piece of the greatest combat athlete of all time. Well here we are… (holding his belts and medal)”

Inevitably it won’t take long for O’Malley to respond to ‘Triple C’.

Would you like to see an Sean O’Malley vs. Henry Cejudo  bout in the near future?

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