GRAPHIC | Masked attackers nearly kill MMA fighter with machete in suspected Hamburg MMA gym feud

German middleweight Abeku Afful nearly died after being attacked in his gym in Hasselbrook, Hamburg Wednesday night., a German MMA website, first reported Afful was attacked by masked men armed with machetes, knifes, and batons.

An injury to Afful’s leg from a machete severed an artery, causing a massive amount of blood loss. Afful was rushed to the hospital in life-threatening condition, but underwent emergency surgery and is reported by to be in the Intensive Care Unit and no longer in life-threatening condition.

Ismail Cetinkaya a head coach of another MMA gym and two others were arrested after witnesses of the attack identified Cetinkaya by his “voice and stature.”

According to, locals say that Afful is a former student of Cetinkaya and tension grew when Afful left to open his own gym. Afful reportedly received threatening text messages prior to the attack.

While Cetinkaya is the suspect in the attack, police have not released any evidence that he was, in fact, a part of the crime.

Graphic photos from the attack are seen below.

Abeku Afful attack 2

Abeku Afful attack 1

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