Francis Ngannou hits back at “two-faced” BKFC’s David Feldman after PFL signing

By Josh Evanoff - May 16, 2023

PFL heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou has taken time to hit back at BKFC’s David Feldman.

‘The Predator’ recently ended his lengthy free agency by signing with the PFL. Ngannou famously left the UFC in January, vacating the heavyweight title in the process. For months, fans and fighters wondered where the former champion would land.

Along the way, there were several promoters who took time to discuss their own talks with the former UFC champion. One of those promoters was BKFC president David Feldman. The head of the bare-knuckle boxing company previously stated that Ngannou was demanding UNREALISTIC MONEY to sign with the company.

Weeks following those comments, Francis Ngannou hit back at David Feldman. During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, he discussed his PFL signing. There, he took time to discuss his talks with Feldman and BKFC.

According to the heavyweight contender, those talks never even happened. Ngannou stated that neither he nor anyone from his team discussed signing with BKFC. Furthermore, the former UFC champion slammed Feldman as a joke, and two-faced.

Francis Ngannou

“I think he just assumed that I’m so expensive,” Francis Ngannou stated on The MMA Hour referring to David Feldman. “Obviously, because he had to take a loan on his house to do his [BKFC 41] show. Then, he assumed that the loan couldn’t pay me because I never talked to him. My team never spoke to him. Then when I saw his comment, I was like, ‘Where is this guy coming from?’ Then I checked my phone, called my team, and asked ‘Has anyone talked with this guy at all? That I’m not aware of.’ And everyone checked, like no.”

He continued, “We haven’t talked to this guy, so I don’t know where he came from. So that’s why I didn’t even talk about it, this guy is a joke. At some point, he was promoting his event, he was going to do anything to get PR here and there, anything he can do. But I never talked to that guy, we never asked him anything. And he never even reached out, not to say we weren’t interested. We were, but he never even reached out. So he didn’t even know if we were interested.”

“That’s why I say, some promoters out there are two-faced, it’s crazy stuff.”

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