VIDEO | Daniel Cormier Has a Long Discussion About Jon Jones for UFC on FOX

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As we reported earlier in the week, this Jon Jones news and subsequent fallout will result in a domino effect that will touch many different things. One big domino in the middle of all this is former UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier. Coming off his devastating loss, the man already had enough to deal already. Now, it’s all shoved back into his face again. While he is still on a cruise ship vacationing with his family, he took the time out for UFC on FOX to talk about Jon Jones at length.

“Well, I was just getting to Hawaii. I was in the van heading to the hotel when I received a phone call, and the reaction was disbelief. It was crazy, man. You don’t expect to get that type of call any time, much less when you’re on your way to a vacation with you family. Very difficult [to digest this loss. You just want to have everything be right. I know when I walked away from that fight, I knew that he was better. You know, he had beat me again.”

“The crazy thing is that, it comes at such a bad time because right as you’re starting to go through the process of dealing with a loss like that, it gets kind of thrown back in your face in the most unexpected way. I think that’s probably the most difficult part. I had just gotten back to work. You know [Kenny Florian], we’ve talked quite a bit over the past few weeks. The text messages were very short in the beginning and it got longer. When you start to kind of come back on the other side and it gets thrown back in your face, it sucks.”

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier on His Allegations of Jon Jones’ Steroid Use Before UFC 214:

“A lot of those things that I said in the build-up to the fight [about steroid allegations] was emotions and just conversations you have over the course of time.  I got to kind of be careful because [Jon Jones] is entitled to due process. So, it’s hard to sit here and say that he’s guilty when he hasn’t gone through the process, but I was saying all this stuff because I was going into a fight, but it was true as I believed it. I think he was trying to do the right thing. Especially after the fight. I don’t know what he was doing in the lead up to the fight. When you hear of this type of thing, it’s really bad. Especially if they’re saying it’s an oversight of some sort. You don’t have those types of oversights, especially with the history between him and I, you know. Before the first fight there were some issues, then the thing at UFC 200 and now this. It just really sucks that we’re going through all of this again.”

This just goes to show you the kind of man Daniel Cormier actually is. Despite their bitter rivalry and rich history of hatred, Cormier admits Jon Jones still had his day in court. Even though he has doubts about how clean Jones’ has been in his career, there is still a procedure that needs to be put into action to prove exactly what Jon Jones did and did not do. A part of you has to feel for Jones’, unless he’s burned you too many times as a fan. Another part of you definitely has to feel for Daniel Cormier too.

This article first appeared on on 8/25/2017.

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