Luke Rockhold gives update on trainer partner Daniel Cormier after UFC 214

Daniel Cormier

Late last month, in the main event of UFC 214, then UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier stepped into the cage with his arch-enemy, former champ Jon Jones. Unfortunately for Cormier and his fans, Jones came out on top this night, sealing the dealing with a thudding shin to the head in the third-round. Just like that, he’d reclaimed the light heavyweight throne, while Cormier’s title reign had screeched to a grim end.

Unsurprisingly, the ever-passionate Daniel Cormier did not take this loss well. Immediately after the fight, during an ill-advised interview with Joe Rogan, he broke down in tears, indicating clearly that he was both concussed and heartbroken.

The next day, Cormier released a classy statement on social media, which gave some cause for optimism about his mental state, though it remained clear that it’d take some time for him to swallow this loss.

Since then, Cormier’s training partner Luke Rockhold has updated on the former champ’s status. Rockhold gave this update on the latest edition of the MMA Hour (h/t

“He’s sulking a bit, but his spirits are coming back,” Rockhold explained on the show. “And I think he’s got his family, he’s got everything going for him, so he’s got a bright future with anything he wants to do. Cormier is a sharp guy with a lot of things going on, so we’ll see. We’ll see where it all falls.”

“I think, like anything, that was a big stage, that was a big moment, and it was a big fall,” Rockhold continued. “So give him some time, the guy’s got a big heart and he’s got a lot of things going for him. So, time heals all.”

How do you think Daniel Cormier will recover from his UFC 214 loss to Jon Jones?

This article first appeared on on 8/13/2017.

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