Daniel Cormier warns Tyson Fury not to accept a UFC fight with Jon Jones: “As much of a chance as the guy walking into a convenience store”

By Josh Evanoff - May 25, 2023

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier knows Tyson Fury doesn’t have a shot against Jon Jones.

‘The Gypsy King’ has been out of the boxing ring since a win over Derek Chisora last December. That was his third victory over ‘Del Boy’, and cleared the way for a fight against Oleksandr Usyk. The winner of a proposed battle between the two heavyweights will crown the first undisputed champion in the division’s history since Lennox Lewis.

However, in classic boxing fashion, the fight has failed to come to fruition. An April clash was dropped in favor of a December fight in Saudi Arabia. However, that means Fury has a lot more time on his hands, which likely led to his challenge to Jon Jones. Earlier this week, the Brit stated that he could beat ‘Bones’ in a fight, and the UFC champion offered him the fight.


Furthermore, Dana White stated that the promotion would be willing to book the fight. Earlier today, Tyson Fury announced that he had no plans to fight Jones, but would be willing to box him. That’s probably the safest decision, according to UFC commentator, Daniel Cormier.

‘DC’ discussed the potential heavyweight clash on his YouTube channel. There, Cormier stated that Fury has as much of a chance of beating Jones as an average guy on the streets does.

Daniel Cormier

“Now we got those guys talking, Tyson Fury and Jon Jones,” Daniel Cormier stated on his YouTube channel. “And, for the record. Tyson Fury in a full-on fight has no chance against Jon Jones. That’s no knock on Fury. In a singular skill set with boxing gloves, Tyson Fury will beat Jon Jones every day of the week.”

He continued, “But, if by chance, they ever go into a full-on fight, Fury has about as much of a chance as the guy walking into a convenience store on the end of the block. To beat Jon Jones, in a free fight, it’s not going to happen. That’s not even me knocking Tyson Fury, this is me telling you the absolute truth.”

“Tyson Fury is the world’s best boxer. But the world’s best boxer stands such a slight chance to beat these elite mixed martial artists. It’s crazy.”

What do you make of these comments by Daniel Cormier? Do you want to see Tyson Fury vs. Jon Jones?

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