Brendan Schaub responds to Dana White’s criticism of Francis Ngannou’s new PFL deal: “Gimmicks? You own the slap fight league”

By Fernando Quiles - May 24, 2023

Brendan Schaub believes UFC President Dana White is being hypocritical when addressing Francis Ngannou’s PFL signing.

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Ngannou and the UFC parted ways back in January. The two sides couldn’t come to terms on a new deal, and Ngannou, who was the UFC Heavyweight Champion, was free to sign with another promotion. He recently inked a deal with the PFL, and he will be allowed to have a boxing match later this year.

Speaking to reporters, Dana White bashed the deal, and claimed that Ngannou’s desire for a boxing match is a gimmick. He insisted that the UFC doesn’t do gimmick fights, who prompted Schaub to call the UFC boss out.


Brendan Schaub Checks Dana White On Francis Ngannou Comments

During an episode of “The Schaub Show,” Brendan Schaub made it clear that he feels White is the last person who should talk about gimmick fights.

“Gimmicks? I gotta light Dana up a little bit here,” Schaub said. “Dude, gimmicks? You own the slap fight league, and the numerics that you use to say it’s crushing these other leagues is TikTok. You’re 50 years old, dude. That’s a gimmick. Francis fighting Deontay Wilder, Francis fighting Anthony Joshua is not a gimmick ’cause I’ll tell you right now, if Francis lands that right hand on them, they’re getting knocked out. That is not a gimmick. Francis can win those fights. Are the odds are he lands? No. That’s not a gimmick, though. That’s a real f***ing fight, dude. Don’t disrespect Francis.”

Schaub went on to say that he isn’t a fan of White bashing fighters on their way out of the company. He believes the UFC boss simply could’ve told media members that he didn’t want to comment on the situation.

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