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Sike! Conor McGregor runs back Michael Bisping trash talk: “I was simply acting”

Conor McGregor has just revealed that his latest outburst directed at former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was nothing more than an impressive display of his acting prowess.

McGregor recently got his first taste of proper Hollywood acting when he starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming Road House remake set to drop on Amazon Prime sometime in 2023. ‘The Notorious’ spent several weeks in the Dominican Republic working with director Doug Liman, best known for his work on Swingers, The Bourne Identity, and Edge of Tomorrow.

After working ‘twelve hour days’ on the set with such heavyweights, the Irish sports star seems to be catching the acting bug. But he must learn to control his talents, otherwise he risks fooling everyone with his method. After making headlines for ripping into Bisping in an expletive-filled Twitter Voice clip, McGregor followed up with a much chiller message to ‘The Count.’

“Hey Mike, it’s Conor here,” he said in an exaggerated drawl. “Just getting on about that video, the last one I saw, I saw you didn’t understand that I was simply acting … and I thought you would have known. Brother, all love my man. God bless the show, God bless the fam, and God bless my man.”

That bit of context does explain McGregor’s over the top reaction to a mild back-and-forth the two had about acting over Twitter.

“Do you want to go to war man, yeah?” McGregor whispered in the since-deleted clip. “Do you want to go to f***ing war? We’ll go to war with you, yeah. Security, you little sausage of a thing. I’ll have security set you up. Where do you stay when you’re in Vegas again, pal? Little Apex fanny pad.”

“Keep my name out of your f**king mouth in any type of threatening behavior, or I’ll walk through your front door. Yup, Laguna [site of Bisping’s home in California], you little dope. Yup the Mancs, yeah! Go back where you belong you little clown, you little sprinter.”

Fans might have an easier time keeping track of when Conor McGregor is serious or acting if he wasn’t going off on people like this every other week over equally mundane offenses. And while one could argue that much of what Conor does in the public eye is just an act to generate interest and keep his star power bright after over a year away from the cage, the line between real and fake has gotten awful blurry over the last few years.

Was McGregor acting when he screamed death threats at Dustin Poirier after breaking his leg at UFC 264? Or when he attacked Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards? How about when he punched the Italian TV presenter and DJ Francesco Facchinetti out of the blue? If ‘The Notorious’ is bringing this same enigmatic acting energy to his Road House remake, then perhaps there’s an Oscar in his future.

What do you think, BJPENN Nation? Is Conor McGregor a master actor or has he gone so pro wrestling in his life that he’s worked himself into a shoot? Let us know in the comments!

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