Kenny Florian suggests one advantage Conor McGregor must utilize for Floyd Mayweather fight

Conor McGregor

If there is one aspect of the fight game that Floyd Mayweather may fall short against Conor McGregor, it’s the trash talk.

“The Notorious” is sharp, witty, and well, often times predicts the future. Although Mayweather is no stranger to the hype game or building his buzz through character, McGregor is definitely one of the best in the business.

Conor McGregor

With stepping into Floyd Mayweather’s world of boxing, Conor McGregor will still have his mouth to jab at the undefeated, defensive boxing genius. UFC analyst and commentator Kenny Florian says that is a tool McGregor must use to get in the head of Mayweather.

“I think honestly the best thing that Conor could do is what he does outside of the ring, outside of the cage, and that is get inside the head of Floyd Mayweather,” Florian stated on this week’s episode of “UFC Tonight” (transcribed by Damon Martin for FOX Sports). “Get him emotional, get him leaping in, that’s when Conor gets the knockouts.

“Everyone talks about the power of Conor, absolutely I’m sure he hits very hard, but he gets guys lunging in. He gets guys emotional. He gets them doing things they don’t normally do and that’s what he needs to do against Floyd. I don’t know if Floyd’s dealt with someone who talks trash like Conor McGregor and gets you emotional like Conor McGregor.”

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather

Florian believes that if McGregor can get his hand raised, it will be early on in the fight. The retired UFC fighter also added that McGregor could try to implement a gameplan to tire out the body of the 40-year-old defensive boxing specialist.

“The other thing he could do is try to get nasty,” Florian said. “Get a little rough, get into the clinch, tire out those arms by doing maybe what Rocky Marciano used to do, which is beat up the arms a little bit, get those tired, clinch him up, try to tire him out.

“Do something unusual.”

What do you think is the best gameplan for Conor McGregor to implement in the boxing match against Floyd Mayweather? Let’s get your take in the comment section!

This article first appeared on on 6/22/2017.

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