Floyd Mayweather Worried ‘Extremely Heavy’ Conor McGregor Will Miss Weight

Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather is worried. Not about Conor McGregor’s mid-combat trash talk, now about his sniper left hand, not about the possibility of McGregor cheating, he’s worried about his weight. Sitting outside of his gym talking to Fight Hype after drinking a ‘light shake’, he expressed his concern that his opponent is an ‘extremely heavy’ 164lbs right now. He’s not too worry about it though, as long as he gets a percentage of McGregor’s purse if he does in fact not make the 154lb limit.

“Conor McGregor is extremely heavy right now, I think he is 164, so he still has 10 pounds to go. Y’all get that extra money if he can’t make the weight, get those extra millions ready, Dana. Or the UFC, get them extra millions ready. Somebody gotta’ pay a fine, but he gotta’ get that weight down. A true champion is, like I said before, I true champion is disciplined and very responsible, but you know, we’ll see. I don’t think he’s gonna’ make the weight. Even if he do make the weight, that’s even better, but if he don’t make the weight, we still gonna fight. But it’s gonna’ be a be a heavy fine. Give me that money.”

Floyd Mayweather

Is this  going to be like a Nate Diaz scenario where Floyd Mayweather is going to keep adding to the folk myth of how gigantic Conor McGregor is? Us in the MMA world hear that McGregor is only 10lbs off weight this close from weigh-ins and that means he’s doing pretty freakin’ good. This means he’s in great shape. This is unanimous across the board for people who know what they’re talking about.



So, don’t worry fight fans. Conor McGregor’s weight is on point and for some strange reason it’s not, the fight is still on. Even with a good cut, McGregor is going to be 160-170lbs in the ring with Mayweather. We’ll see if his continued narrative of how leviathan that McGregor is will continue to be spun after their fight this Saturday.

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 8/22/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM