Cody Garbrandt puts TJ Dillashaw on blast

Cody Garbrandt

Having reclaimed the UFC bantamweight championship with an incredible November knockout of his arch rival Cody Garbrandt, TJ Dillashaw is now hellbent on dropping down to flyweight to unseat the division’s seemingly unstoppable champion, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.

If Dillashaw hopes to topple Mighty Mouse – something the flyweight champ’s last 14 opponents have failed to do – he’ll have his work cut out for him. Before any battle with the flyweight champ occurs, however, Dillashaw will face another challenge, and that’s his battle with the scale.

Though Dillashaw has repeatedly assured he will be able to make the flyweight division’s 125-pound limit with proper preparations, it’s likely to be a tough cut all the same. So tough, in fact, that Garbrandt believes it’ll end in failure.

On Thursday afternoon the former champ took to Twitter to share his doubts about Dillashaw’s ability to get down to 125. In his opinion, he himself is far better suited for this cut to flyweight, though he’s content to keep fighting at bantamweight and wait for Dillashaw to return.

“I’d make 125 in a month!” a fired up Garbrandt said in his Tweet. “This fool can’t make 125, he knows what it is. I’ll be here cleaning the division out again, waiting for him.”

While Garbrandt is not optimistic about Dillashaw’s chances of reaching the flyweight division, however, he reiterated that he won’t make any excuses for his loss to him.

“He should of beat me,” Garbrandt said of his November loss to Dillashaw. “He had a year to train for me!! Lol, 2018 I’m healthy and hungry.”

What do you think of Cody Garbrandt’s thoughts on TJ Dillashaw’s planned drop to flyweight?

This article first appeared on on 1/4/2018.

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