Brendan Schaub explains why fight fans need to “give Jake Paul his flowers” following latest scrap with Nate Diaz

By Susan Cox - August 9, 2023

Brendan Schaub is explaining why fight fans need to “give Jake Paul his flowers” following his latest scrap with Nate Diaz.

Brendan Schaub, Jake Paul

It was just this past weekend, Saturday, August 5th that saw Jake Paul defeat the former MMA competitor Nate Diaz by unanimous decision at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. It would be Paul’s 7th victory in the ring (4 by knockout).

While the payouts for the fight have not been confirmed it is being reported that Paul took home an estimated $2M from the fight, while Diaz is believed to have garnered $500K.

Taking to ‘Twitter‘ Brendan Schaub, in a video, explained why like him or not, fans need to give Jake Paul ‘his flowers’:

“You should be happy that Jake is here man. No matter how you feel about him from his Disney days, YouTube days, whatever his background is. The point is he’s given UFC fighters that you’ve watched for years, take all this trauma and not get paid like the way they should.  All these complaints about fighter pay and fighter equality and all this sh*t. Then this kid (Jake Paul) comes along and builds this insane empire and he gives these fighters that you love the biggest paydays they’ve every gotten in their lives. And you guys hate on it. This is fake. These are set up. When Nate Diaz was fighting and you were all upset about this or that and the man and Dana and the UFC in general and the machine, f*ck em over. And he finally gets his biggest payday and you’re saying ‘this guy’. Well which one is it?”

Do you agree with Brendan Schaub, that fans and fighters alike should be thanking Jake Paul for all he’s done for the fighting community?

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