UFC now making coaches buy Fight Pass subscriptions to study opponents

Greg Jackson

Studying opponents can likely be one of the biggest roles for a coach in mixed martial arts. By knowing their opponents strengths and weaknesses, it helps them to develop their gameplan to increase their chances of winning.

On Tuesday, Brandon Gibson, coach at JacksonWink MMA and the BMF Ranch stated that the UFC notified him that they will no longer be providing footage of their opponents and that they would have to subscribe to Fight Pass to study tape.

Donald Cerrone Brandon Gibson

Gibson tweeted the following stating the change with the UFC:

“I just got an email from the UFC saying that fight tape will no longer be available to coaches and fighters and I need to use Fight Pass.”

“Could you imagine if the NFL told their coaches to just DVR whatever games they want to study? Film study leads to better fights & finishes.”

“In the past we’d get zip drive links to download. No Fight Pass subscription is offered to the camps, we need to purchase it on our own.”

“I already have a Fight Pass subscription, the problem is that Fight Pass isn’t a good way to study. No slow mode, its a pain to rewind, etc.”

Gibson was asked by @FrontRowBrian if the UFC was charging them for the Fight Pass subscriptions and Gibson stated that they were.

“@FrontRowBrian of course. They want to be seen like the NFL, MLB and NBA, but they don’t understand what really makes a high level fighter.”

Another twitter user pointed out that Fight Pass does not include every UFC fight.

“Exactly, that’s the other big issue. Fight Pass lacks a lot of fights that are important to each camp.”

“I trained and cornered 3 of the top 10 ko’s last year. We accomplished this by studying, developing game plans and putting 10,000 reps in.”

“Fight Pass isn’t really a solution for top level coaches that really study & break down tape like @MarkCoachmark13 & @GregJacksonMMA.”

“I’ll make due with fight pass. Not a big deal. I’m just irritated with the lack of support the ufc gives the fighters and teams.”

“one just sold for $4 billion. I’m pretty sure the worst MLB, NHL, NBA team has access to film for study”

What are your thoughts on the UFC charging their athletes teams for access to partial fight footage? Sound off in the comment section!

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 2/15/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM