Anthony Smith “not impressed” with the Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul boxing match: “They sh*t the bed”

By Harry Kettle - August 10, 2023

UFC fighter Anthony Smith has admitted that he wasn’t impressed by the Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul boxing match.

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Last weekend, Nate Diaz made his pro boxing debut when he went head to head with Jake Paul. While he did have a few fun moments, he ultimately came up short in a lop-sided decision. ‘The Problem Child’ had his hand raised, whereas Diaz has left fans questioning what his next move will be.


In terms of the fight itself, it seems to have received split opinions from the combat sports sphere. Some felt like it was a fun encounter, whereas others questioned what on earth they’d just seen.

As it turns out, Anthony Smith falls into the latter of those two categories.

“I’m not super impressed with either one of them if I’m being honest,” Smith said. “I don’t think either one of them did a very good job. If you’ve got a guy that’s pointing at the crowd and not engaging in a fight and turning his back to you and you don’t knock that guy out, he’s kind of punking you while you’re beating him. It’s not super impressive from either guy. I was definitely wishful thinking as well.

Smith questions Paul vs Diaz

“I thought Nate’s definitely going to lose the first handful of rounds, and I think maybe he’s going to come on later and gas him out and put the pressure on and make him tired, which is kind of seemingly what Nate tried to do. I think that they sh*t the bed. It wasn’t very exciting. There wasn’t any storylines that were going on. It was just kind of a sh*t fight. How long can Jake Paul continue to do this, be in bad fights?”

Quotes via MMA Junkie

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