Shocking arrest made in connection to Anthony Pettis’ cars being set on fire

Anthony Pettis

Recently, unfortunate news surfaced that former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis was targeted as several of his cars were set on fire in his driveway. Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire. Pettis took to Instagram immediately after the situation to plead for any information be given to police.

Now, over a month later, police have made an arrest in connection with the incident. Surprisingly, the person arrested is just 13 years old according to Fox 6 Now.

Pettis released a statement on the matter to Fox 6, which read:

“It`s scary to see where the youth is at,” Pettis told FOX 6 Now. “I feel there has to be some changes and I think I`m in a position where I can make some changes so it`s up to me to go out there. Instead of how do I replace my belongs, how do I make it right for everybody else?”

Anthony Pettis' cars

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only incident in which Pettis was targeted. Shortly after his cars were set on fire, two people were caught on video breaking into Pettis’ cars in his driveway, however no information has been released in regards to that situation yet.